Rangefinding and Targeting Electronics

For over 30 years, Analog Modules, Inc. (AMI), an ISO 9001 certified company, has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance rangefinding and targeting electronics.  Rugged sensor and laser electronics modules for the most demanding military

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Analog Modules, Inc. announces the release of its Picosecond Pulsed Laser Diode Driver

AMI Model 767 Laser Diode Driver

AMI’s Model 767 Picosecond Pulsed Laser Diode Driver is ideal for applications that require pulse widths less than 1 ns.

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First Photos of AMI’s New Capacitor Charging Power Supply

Design work continues on AMI’s new capacitor charging power supply. The new supply will feature active power factor correction, universal input and full compliance with medical safety standards.  Modern components and manufacturing techniques will be used to provide the reliability

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Models 762 and 766 Improved Performance, Up to 10.0 V

The maximum compliance voltage of the Models 762 and 766 Seed Laser Diode Drivers has increased to 10 V. AMI’s Model 762 OEM programmable seed laser diode drivers are ideal for driving 14-pin butterfly packaged laser diode modules for use

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Model 767 Data Sheet Released

AMI Model 767 Laser Diode Driver

The Model 767 Data Sheet has been released and published to AMI’s web site.

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AMI’s 40th Anniversary!

Longwood, FL – September 9, 2020. Analog Modules, Inc. is pleased to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of its incorporation on this date in 1980. AMI’s founder Ian Crawford, originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, had been designing laser-based systems for Ferranti when

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What’s Next From AMI

Redesigned Models 314B and 714B The prototyping stage for the Models 314B and 714B is complete. They will be ready for release to production soon offering DC to 500 MHz bandwidth, 6.5 pA/√Hz noise performance with up to 10 kV/A gain.

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Redesign Project: Variable Pulse Width Flashlamp Controller

AMI’s Model 8800 series of flashlamp and laser diode controllers have been a fixture in laser laboratories around the world for >25 years.  These microprocessor controlled systems were preceded by the rotary switch and dial controlled Models 883 and 884

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Capacitor Charging Power Supplies

Two Designs for Fixed and Variable Pulse Width Applications AMI offers two capacitor charging power supply designs.  The Model 5703A is designed for charging deep cycling capacitors typical of fixed pulse width SCR switched systems.  The Model 5704A is designed

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Model 312B Low Noise, GaAs FET Transimpedance Amplifier

The 312B Series are ultra low noise, high gain, GaAs FET amplifiers designed for low level current source input applications in which high gain is required. ULTRA LOW NOISE – DOWN TO 1 pA/√Hz HIGH GAIN – 1 MV/A BANDWIDTH

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Featured Products

Model 758B.1

Based on the field proven performance of AMI’s 758 Series Laser Rangefinder Receivers, the Model 758B.1 extends the capabilities even further with outstanding double-pulse discrimination. This allows a weak target to be seen through a close, partly obscuring strong target. Multiple Target Resolution is 12 meters typical over 6 orders of magnitude with the second pulse 10dB down.