Laser Diode Drivers

For over thirty years AMI has lead the way in the development and production of true current sources for driving laser diodes. AMI’s Laser Diode Drivers provide the end user with active current control and protection for their laser diode.  AMI offers a wide variety of drivers for the expanding number of diode pumped and direct output laser diode applications.

SeeModel 766 Diode Driverd Laser Diode Drivers

AMI offers a line of diode drivers designed for driving seed laser diodes for fiber laser applications. These drivers can power most type 1 butterfly packages.  A variety of pulse width, power and control options are available. AMI’s seed drivers supply a bidirectional proportional-integral-derivative (PID) thermoelectric cooler controller (TEC) with current capability of 3 A and voltage capability of 4.2 V.


SOA DriverSemiconductor Optical Amplifier Drive

AMI’s Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Driver is ideal for driving 14-pin butterfly packaged SOA or BOA modules for use as power boosters, optical switch, wavelength conversion and others. The driver is implemented as a transconductance amplifier (analog voltage in, scaled current out) and includes an on-board TEC controller for temperature stabilized operation of the optical amplifier. The driver circuitry operates from a single 5 V power source. All other required voltages are generated on the board by high efficiency switching power supplies


Pulsed Laser Diode Drivers
Pulsed Laser Diode Drivers, Model 779A

AMI offers a line of pulsed laser diode drivers for both high current and low current applications.  AMI’s high current high power driver the  Model 7701A is an OEM design for high power DPSS laser and illumination applications.  AMI’s high speed high peak power Model 766 is ideal for driving 14-pin butterfly packaged laser diode modules for use in pulsed fiber MOPA systems for materials processing, LIDAR systems for remote sensing, laser communication applications and rangefinding.

Highly efficient and robust pulsed laser diode drivers like our model Model 774A are offered for military applications.   These drivers are low voltage DC input power converter/laser diode drivers designed to supply pulsed high current for laser diode-stack loads in hand held, missile, ground vehicle, ship and airborne applications.


CW Laser Diode Drivers

Model 787AMI offers a line of CW laser diode drivers for both high current and low current applications. The AMI Model 787 is ideal for compact industrial and medical laser applications. Proprietary technology allows AMI to offer a 50 A, 2.5 V CW diode driver with industry leading efficiency and footprint.  For applications benefiting from extremely low output ripple and precise control the Model 785A is an excellent choice.   The end user can shape laser diode output wave form with a modulation bandwidth of 600 kHz.

Our 2 kW high power driver Model 5705 is designed to allow you to chain multiple modules together for even higher power applications.


Laser Diode Controllers

Model 8800DFor laboratory and bench top laser diode driver applications AMI offers the Models 8800D and 880D laser diode controllers.  These turn-key rack mount system provide output current to drive laser diodes for pumping solid-state lasers. They offer front panel and remote controls as well as operation via a RS-232 interface.  The output current is presented on an easy-to-read LCD display.  The Models 8800D and 880D are excellent prototyping tools that allows the laser developer flexibility to determine the best laser diode and drive for their end use.  Once the final requirements are defined AMI can help specify and design an OEM driver tailored to your application that will have a lower cost, high reliability and a small footprint.

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