Laser Rangefinder Receivers


Rangefinder ReceiversThe 750 Series Laser Rangefinder Receivers are designed for laser ranging applications in which high sensitivity and fast recovery are required. The hybrid versions are designed to meet MIL-STD-883D requirements. Either a silicon avalanche photodiode (APD) or an InGaAs PIN photodiode or APD is available to detect 1.064µm or 1.55µm wavelengths. Different receivers also are available to accommodate pulsewidths ranging from 0.5ns to 30ns FWHM.

Data Sheets (PDF Format) are available for models listed below.

ModelDetectorDetector ØWavelengthSensitivity 50% Pd (Typical)Optimum PulsewidthTime- Programmed GainSupply Voltage(V)
753AInGaAs PIN300µm 1.06 to 1.7µm100nW6ns1/R² to 2km+12
754InGaAs PIN300µm1.06 to 1.7µm50nW28ns1/R² to 2km+12
755InGaAs APD200µm 1.06 to 1.7µm8nW28ns1/R² to 2km+12, >100
755A-03InGaAs APD80µm1.06 to 1.7µm3nW20ns29dB+5, 70V typical
755A-04InGaAs APD200µm1.06 to 1.7µm5nW20ns28dB+5, 70V typical
756Si APD0.8mm0.40 to 1.1µm3nW28ns1/R² to 2km+12, >+450
757-02InGaAs APD300µm1.06 to 1.7µm100nW6ns1/R² to 2km±12
757-03InGaAs APD80µm1.06 to 1.7µm18nW6ns1/R² to 2km±12, >200
757-04InGaAs APD200µm1.06 to 1.7µm30nW6ns1/R² to 2km±12, >200
758-03.1InGaAs APD80µm1.06 to 1.7µm3nW6ns1/R² to 2km/external±12, >100
758-04.1InGaAs APD200µm1.06 to 1.7µm6nW6ns1/R² to 2km/external±12, >100
758A-03.1InGaAs APD80µm1.06 to 1.7µm3nW6ns1/R² to 2km/external±12, >100
758A-04.1InGaAs APD200µm1.06 to 1.7µm4nW6ns1/R² to 2km/external±12, >100
758B-04.1InGaAs APD200µm1.06 to 1.7µm6nW6ns1/R² to 2km/external±12, >100
759AInGaAs PIN300µm1.06 to 1.7µm33nW20ns1/R² to 1km5 ± 0.25

Application Notes available for most models.  Please contact us to request a copy of these ITAR controlled documents.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

In the event these commodities will be transferred to a “foreign person” as defined in 22 CFR 120.16,either outside or within the United States, a validated US State Department license is required.

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