AMI Omnipulse


  • Variety of currents, pulse widths, and rep rates
  • Ultra lightweight and compact
  • Superior wave form fidelity
  • Precision current sensing circuitry
  • Drive single and multi stack diodes
  • Patented and patent-pending technology

Analog Modules, Inc. (AMI) has acquired the OmniPulse Technology Diode Driver and Pockels Cell Driver product lines, including relevant Patents, and intends to support all former customers with the OmniPulse product range. This additional product line supplements AMI’s existing product lines by adding lower cost, typically linear, driver solutions, and provides a reliable future source of supply for programs currently using OmniPulse products.

AMI has been designing and manufacturing electronics for Lasers and Electro-Optics for the last 34 years and, although a subsidiary of HEICO Corporation (NYSE:HEI) whose annual sales are approaching a billion dollars, operates as a small, flexible, independent company. We are ISO 9001 certified and ITAR registered.

The OmniPulse designed ultra compact, precision current sources are ideal for driving pulsed laser diodes in a variety of applications including rangefinding, target designation, LIDAR, seeding fiber lasers, and pumping solid state lasers. Our team combines expertise in a variety of technical backgrounds from semiconductor and solid-state lasers, power electronics and electro-optics to create pulsed laser diode drivers that are precise, easily integrated, user friendly and that exceed expectations and industry standards of performance.

Laser Diode Drivers

ModelPeak CurrentMaximum Diode Load VoltagePulsewidthPulserateInput VoltageFeatures
PLDD-50-SP50A Pulsed350V same as HV input5nsUp to 15kHz12-28VDC, 250-350V pulsed5ns pulsewidth
PLDD-120-1-1120A Pulsed3VUp to 300µs1Hz max+5V, 700mAMiniature battery operated diode driver
PLDD-120-9-1120A PulsedUp to 18VUp to 300µs1Hz max+5V, 700mAMiniature battery operated diode driver
PLDD-200-12-20-2x2200A PulsedUp to 24VUp to 300µsUp to 20Hz24V, 1.6A at max load0-300µs Pulsewidth

Pockels Cell Driver

ModelMax Output VoltageRisetimeRecoveryRepetition RateInput Voltage
PCD-3-203.2kV15ns (typical)25nsUp to 30Hz12VDC +/-0.5V

Universal Interface Board

UIB-01Interface board for Models PLDD-120 and PLDD-200

In the event these commodities will be transferred to a “foreign person” as defined in 22 CFR 120.16,either outside or within the United States, a validated US State Department license is required.

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