Laser Rangefinding

Laser Rangefinder Receivers

AMI personnel have extensive experience designing hybrid laser rangefinder receivers for military applications. Over 30,000 receivers have been fielded in handheld, tank, ground-mobile, TUAV, and airborne applications. AMI’s patented technology allows superior performance in dynamic range and rapid recovery from overload. The family of standard receivers offers products optimized for visible to 1.7µm wavelengths over a wide range of pulse widths.

For 1.54 µm eyesafe applications, both InGaAs APD and PIN diode detectors are available. InGaAs APD detectors provide the highest sensitivity. To optimize performance, the 758 Series has the detector and critical input components mounted on a thermoelectric cooler providing maximum sensitivity and stability over temperature. For lower cost applications, InGaAs PIN detectors provide excellent performance without the need of a high voltage bias supply.

Emerging applications require maximum sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and special design features to discriminate between multiple, closely spaced targets. AMI’s next-generation of high-performance receivers are designed to meet more stringent multiple target resolution requirements with improved range performance.

AMI also develops rangefinding electronics for custom applications. Recent projects include the design and manufacture of 128-channel InGaAs PIN linear array processor electronics for wire avoidance applications and high bandwidth, multiple channel InGaAs APD receiver systems with constant fraction discrimination for detection of targets cloaked behind camouflage.

AMI has extensive experience in design and high volume manufacture of laser rangefinder receivers, counters, and processing electronics. Hybrid receivers are processed to MIL-PRF-38534 and can be screened to MIL-STD-883 as required by contract. Contact AMI to discuss your specific requirements.

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Featured Products

Model 758B.1

Based on the field proven performance of AMI’s 758 Series Laser Rangefinder Receivers, the Model 758B.1 extends the capabilities even further with outstanding double-pulse discrimination. This allows a weak target to be seen through a close, partly obscuring strong target. Multiple Target Resolution is 12 meters typical over 6 orders of magnitude with the second pulse 10dB down.