Model 712BThe 710 Series are high sensitivity, low noise photodetector-amplifier modules that offer the flexibility of incorporating a variety of silicon or InGaAs, PIN or APD photodetectors. AMI also offers the capability of integrating other detectors on a custom basis.

Data Sheets (PDF Format) are available for models listed below.

(Small Signal)
(W/Root Hz)
711-1-4AInGaAs PIN300µm1.5kHz0.9V/nW50fW2.5
711-2-1ASi PIN1.0mm8.75kHz0.06V/nW0.7pW2.5
711-2-2ASi PIN2.5mm6.5kHz0.06V/nW0.1pW2.5
711-2-3ASi APD0.5mm9kHz7.7V/nW10fW2.5
711-2-4AInGaAs PIN300µm9kHz0.09V/nW0.5pW2.5
711-3-1ASi PIN1.0mm140kHz0.006 to 0.06V/nW1.2pW6
711-3-2ASi PIN2.5mm115kHz0.006 to 0.06V/nW1.0pW6
711-3-3ASi APD0.5mm140kHz0.77 to 7.7V/nW10fW6
711-3-4AInGaAs PIN300µm140kHz0.009 to 0.09V/nW0.9pW6
712B-1Si PIN1.5mm50MHz0.62V/µW2.2pW>+3Vpk
712B-2Si APD0.5mm60MHz100V/µW15fW>+3Vpk
712B-3InGaAs PIN100µm60MHz1.0V/µW0.8pW>+3Vpk
712B-4InGaAs Pin300µm60MHz1.0V/µW1.2pW>+3Vpk
713A-2Si PIN1.0mm1kHz to 125MHz12V/mW16pW2
713A-3Si PIN2.5mm1kHz to 100MHz12V/mW12pW2
713A-4Si APD0.5mm1kHz to 200MHz1.5V/µW 100fW2
713A-7InGaAs PIN100µm 1kHz to 200MHz18V/mW8pW2
713A-8InGaAs PIN300µm 1kHz to 180MHz18V/mW9pW2

*AC coupled models are AC coupled at the output.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Application Notes available on selected models.

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