Long Distance Sensing

For over 35 years, Analog Modules, Inc. has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance rugged sensor and laser electronics modules for military applications.

AMI’s military products include Laser Rangefinder Receivers, Linear Array Detection Systems, 3-D Laser Radar Sensing Electronics, Custom Range Counters, Laser Spot Tracker Electronics, Capacitor Charging Power Supplies, Pockels Cell Drivers, Laser Diode Drivers, and custom assemblies. These products are used in Air, Ship, Man Pack, and Ground Vehicle environments for applications including target designation, laser rangefinding, ground illumination for terrain mapping, wire avoidance, laser fusing, laser warning/countermeasures, IR illumination, and mine detection. Many of these products are fully qualified to meet shock, vibration, temperature, and radiation-hardened requirements and are manufactured to the ANSI J-STD-001 Class 3 workmanship standard. AMI is certified to ISO 9001-2000.

Emerging applications require maximum sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and special design features to discriminate between multiple, closely spaced targets. AMI’s next-generation of high-performance receivers are designed to meet more stringent multiple target resolution requirements with improved range performance.

Recent projects include the design and manufacture of 128-channel InGaAs PIN linear array processor electronics for wire avoidance applications and high bandwidth, multiple channel InGaAs APD receiver systems with constant fraction discrimination for detection of targets cloaked behind camouflage.

Additional services provided by Analog Modules include MTBF calculations and parts stress de-rating calculations, as well as environmental stress screening and qualification testing. Analog Modules’ experience in designing specialized military modules and sub-systems helps to minimize development time and lowers risk inherent to new designs.

Featured Products

Model 758B.1

Based on the field proven performance of AMI’s 758 Series Laser Rangefinder Receivers, the Model 758B.1 extends the capabilities even further with outstanding double-pulse discrimination. This allows a weak target to be seen through a close, partly obscuring strong target. Multiple Target Resolution is 12 meters typical over 6 orders of magnitude with the second pulse 10dB down.