Fiber-Optic Links

Model 732TRThe 732T/R Fiber-Optic Link is designed for short-haul transmission of electrical signals for applications in which using electrical conductors are not appropriate. The 732T/R provides transparent transmission of AC and DC information without the undesirable effects of EMI pick-up noise. Units are sold as a transmitter/receiver pair.

The Model 732T/R is purely an analog device; there is no analog to digital conversion.  The input voltage signal is converted to a current and used to drive a LED.  The output of the LED is detected by a PIN photodetector in the receiver, converted to a voltage then amplified.  The gain of the receiver amplifier is tuned to provide transparent transmission.  The receiver gain and DC offset are adjustable by the end-user to calibrate the transmitter and receiver pair when installed.

ModelTypeTX InputRX OutputDynamic RangeWavelengthFeatures
732TRAnalog±2.5 V or 0-5 V (50 Ω or 33 kΩ)±2.5 V or 0-5 V (into 1 kΩ)55 dB (voltage)850 nmDC coupled

Note: Dynamic range is measured from peak signal to RMS noise; fiber-optic links require ±15 VDC supply.
Optional 10 meter long cable available (ST to ST, 62.5/125 µm multimode, PVC simplex) for additional cost.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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