High Power Laser Drivers

Model 773 Diode Driver

AMI offers a complete line of laser diode driver systems and modules for military applications including direct illumination and diode pumping. Patented techniques allow such products to generate narrow, high-power pulses at high repetition rates and/or CW output in the smallest footprints available.

AMI has developed numerous diode driver designs in a variety of packages for easy integration into customer platforms. Diode driver products provide safety features such as feedback current control, over current/voltage protection, enable/inhibit, and dump circuit functions to prevent damage to laser diodes.

Model 773 118A, 24V Pulsed Driver
Model 774A 200A, 40V Pulsed Driver
Model 781 5A, 2V QCW Driver
Model 782 4A, 2.7V CW Driver
Model PLDD-120-9-1 120A, 18V Pulsed Driver

For applications requiring turn-key operation, AMI offers the 8800D Series Microprocessor Controlled Laser Diode Controller for pulsed applications and the 880D Series Laser Controller for CW applications. Both feature external control through an RS-232 interface.

AMI offers a complete family of Laser Diode Drivers for commercial and military applications:

Seed Laser Diode Drivers
SOA Driver
Pulsed Laser Diode Drivers
CW Laser Diode Drivers
Laser Diode Controllers

Featured Products

Model 766

The Model 766 Pulsed Laser Diode Driver offers user-adjustable pulse width capability as low as 150ps up to 1ns for driving laser diode modules at output currents up to 1.1A. The driver circuitry includes a TEC controller and operates from a single 5V power source.