Laser Rangefinder Receivers With Range Processors

The 7558 and 7555 Series Rangefinder/Processor assemblies comprise a high performance Model 758A or 755A receiver with compact support electronics to provide corrected range data to a mother system. The serial range data output is calibrated using AMI’s patented technology to mitigate the effects of range errors from various sources including walk due to return signal amplitude variations. Exceptional sensitivity allows the use of low power lasers, or alternatively, long range operation. The modules provide high voltage bias, time programmed gain with noise tracking threshold, first, last, and strongest pulse selection and range gating. The 7558 series offers a TE cooler controller and heatsink. There also are a number of user controlled options via the serial interface. The compact layout allows positioning at the optics for minimum overall system size.
Custom options and optimization are available.

  • High Sensitivity down to 3nW (7558 Series)
  • Fast Recovery from Overload
  • Optimized for Multiple Targets
  • Cooled Detector (7558 Series)
  • Time Programmed Gain with Noise Tracking Threshold
  • High Speed Range Counter
  • Range Walk Correction to 1m RMS
  • Digitally adjustable: APD Bias, Range Gates, False Alarm Rate
  • Built-in HV Bias Supply for APD Detector
ModelDetector ØSensitivity (Typ)Multiple Target Resolution (1:1 Low Gain)Multiple Target Resolution (1:1 High Gain)Dynamic RangeMin/Max Range
7551-02300 µm30 nW (20 ns)15 meters25 meters106:150 m to 65 km
7551-04200 µm5 nW (20 ns)15 meters25 meters106:150 m to 65 km
7555-04200 µm5 nW (20 ns)15 meters30 meters106:150 m to 65 km
7558-0380 µm3 nW (6 ns)10 meters20 meters107:150 m to 65 km
7558-04200 µm5 nW (6 ns)10 meters20 meters107:150 m to 65 km

Interface test board available for the Model 7555
Application Notes available for most models.  Please contact us to request a copy of these ITAR controlled documents.
Specifications are typical and are subject to change without notice. See data sheet for details.

In the event these commodities will be transferred to a “foreign person” as defined in 22 CFR 120.16,either outside or within the United States, a validated US State Department license is required.

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