High Voltage Bias Supplies

The Model 520 Series are low noise power supplies designed for photodetector biasing applications. Output voltages up to 800V are available in two polarities. The compact size and shielded metal case make the Model 520 Series attractive for a variety of low noise biasing applications. The 523/524 versions are compact, hermetically sealed, designed for very low noise and ideal for military APD biasing applications.

Data Sheets (PDF Format) are available for models listed below.

ModelInput VoltageOutput VoltageOutput PowerOutput Current 50%,
100% V out
Model 521A+12 to +15VDC
+24 to +28VDC
10 to 300VDC210mW1.6/0.7mA
10 to 600VDC120mW1.0/0.2mA
10 to 800VDC120mW750/150µA
Model 522+5VDC ±10%20 to 250VDC150mW600µA
200 to 500VDC150mW300µA
Model 523-1-A+5VDC ±5%+20 to +100VDC100mW1.0mA max.
Model 524-1+5VDC ±5%+100 to +300VDC150mW0.15mA max.
Model 524-2+5VDC ±5%+300 to +500VDC250mW0.125mA max

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Model 521A Application Note

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