Rangefinding and Targeting Electronics

LAND_M1A2_Saudi_Dusty_Sunset_GDLS_lgFor over 30 years, Analog Modules, Inc. (AMI), an ISO 9001 certified company, has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance rangefinding and targeting electronics.  Rugged sensor and laser electronics modules for the most demanding military applications. AMI’s military products are used in Air, Ship, Man Pack, Ground Vehicle, and Maritime environments for applications including:

Many of our rangefinding and targeting electronics are qualified to military shock, vibration, temperature, and radiation-hardened requirements. AMI’s highly skilled assemblers can build to the ANSI J­STD­001 Class 3 workmanship standard.

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Featured Products

Model 766

The Model 766 Pulsed Laser Diode Driver offers user-adjustable pulse width capability as low as 150ps up to 1ns for driving laser diode modules at output currents up to 1.1A. The driver circuitry includes a TEC controller and operates from a single 5V power source.