Application Notes

300-1Amplifier Modules (Application Notes)
300-2How to Measure Noise in Amplifier Modules (Application/Operating Notes)
311 / 341Transimpedance Amplifiers (Application/Operating Notes)
312A / 712AAmplifiers (Application/Operating Notes)
611AModel 611A Fast Peak Pulse Stretcher (Application Notes)
521AProgrammable High Voltage Power Supply (Application/Operating Notes)
562 / 564Capacitor Charging Power Supply (Application/Operating Notes)
5703/5704Power Module (Control Interface Description)
5705Laser Diode Power Module (Control Interface Description)
5723 / 5724 & 5753 / 5754 Std.Power Supply (Control Interface Description, Standard Configuration)
7511AHigh Sensitivity APD Optical Receiver (Application Notes)
7511BHigh Sensitivity APD Optical Receiver (Application Notes)
7510High Sensitivity APD Optical Receiver (Application Notes)
760-57OEM Seed Laser Diode Driver Assembly (Operating Notes)
773Model 773 Laser Diode Driver Interface Description
7701ALaser Diode Driver (Interface Description)
779ALaser Diode Driver (Operating Instructions)
864AFlashlamp Simmer Supply (Interface Description)
864A-1Flashlamp Simmer Supply (Interface Description)
867AFlashlamp Simmer Supplies (Application Notes)
8261CPockels Cell Driver (Operating Notes)
8800VLaser Controller (Application Notes)
CCPSCapacitor Charging Power Supply (General Application Notes)

Note: Some of our Application Notes are not reflected above because the information is ITAR controlled as “Technical Data.” Please contact AMI for more information.

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