Optical Receivers

7511B Optical Receiver

The 7510 is a high gain low noise APD-preamp optical receiver. The compact construction (modified TO-8 header) and PCB mounting capability make the 7510 ideal for miniature applications. The thermo-electric heater/cooler allows the highest performance to be achieved with an external control circuit.
Data Sheets (PDF Format) are available for models listed below.

ModelPhotodetectorDetector DiameterBandwidth (Small Signal)ResponsivityNEPOutput Swing(V)Supply Voltage
7510-1-04InGaAs APD200 µm100 MHz1 MV/W3 nW-5.0±5 VDC; +HV
7511B-1-04InGaAs APD200 µm40 MHz650 kV/W160 fW/√Hz-2.0±5 VDC; +HV

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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