Fast Peak Pulse Stretchers

The Model 611A Pulse Stretcher outputs DC levels equal to the peak value of a single narrow pulse down to 20ns FWHM. Fast independent resets facilitate processing of complex multiple events. The DC output level allows for post processing at slower speeds.

Data Sheets (PDF Format) are available for models listed below.

ModelMin. Input
AccuracyDroopInput VoltageOutput Swing(V)Output Load
Input (Ohms)
611A-2-20≥20ns FWHM±3% plus ±20mV*< 0.1V/s0 to 4V0 to 4.1> 40050 or 10k

*Typical for Vout 100mV to 4.0V input.

Note: The Model 611A uses TTL resets and requires a power supply of ±15 VDC.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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