Capacitor Charging Power Supplies

Two Designs for Fixed and Variable Pulse Width Applications

Capacitor Charging Power Supply

AMI offers two capacitor charging power supply designs.  The Model 5703A is designed for charging deep cycling capacitors typical of fixed pulse width SCR switched systems.  The Model 5704A is designed to keep a bank of capacitors constantly charged to a programmed voltage typical for variable pulse width IGBT switched systems.


Below are links to their individual data sheets and common interface description and operating manual:

Model 5703A data Sheet:

Model 5704A data sheet:

Interface description:  

Operating manual:      

OEM Cap Charger



AMI also offers these chargers in an OEM package witch includes a 24 VDC power supply, AC input rectifier and cooling fans; the Models 5723 and 5724.  Their data sheets are linked below:

A catalog listing of all of AMI’s capacitor charging power supplies with can be found here:

Please contact AMI to discuss your application or if you have any questions.

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