CW to 10 MHz High Speed Modulation 2 Amp Diode Driver

Seed Laser Diode DriverThe Model 762-EXT is an excellent choice for high current, high speed modulation diode driver, CW to 10 MHz.

The standard Model 762 is capable of producing square wave pulses; the Model 762-EXT option allows the user to apply an external current control signal from an arbitrary waveform generator to produce any pulse shape that is within the 10 MHz bandwidth limitation.

The Model 762 settings can be made by adjusting the on-board potentiometers -or- via the digital interface -or- a combination of both. Each of the potentiometers has am applicable DAC in the digital interface that can be enabled or disabled. For example, If the DAC for the TEC temperature setting is enabled, the value that is input into the digital interface for this parameter will be valid and the potentiometer setting will be overridden. If the DAV is disabled, then the potentiometer setting becomes active again. This gives the user the flexibility to have analog or digital control for each setting.

The digital interface requires Asynchronous Serial or I2C communication. If using I2C, the user must use a Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter. AMI provides a GUI program with the unit. The user can write their own control software using the commands provided in the Interface Control Document.

Model 762The output current setting varies depending on the version of the Model 762 used. In the standard configuration the output current is set either by the potentiometer or by the value entered into the digital interface. The Model 762-EXT has no potentiometer or digital interface control for the output current; the user must input an analog control voltage signal with a scaling of 1 A/V. This can be either a DC voltage or variable if pulse shaping is required as described above.

Below are links to the Model 762’s data sheet and manual on our web site:

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