HV Detector Bias Supplies

High Voltage APD Photodetector Bias Supplies

Rugged low-noise bias supplies for quadrant detectors & trackers

In order to achieve the optimum performance from a photodetector, the high voltage bias supply must not induce switching noise into the system. AMI offers a line of High Voltage Power Supplies for photodetector biasing which implement techniques to minimize sharp switching transients that can interfere with sensitive circuits. To ensure low EMI levels, the output is filtered, the transformer is magnetically enclosed, and the module is electrostatically shielded in a metal case to provide industry leading performance.

HV APD Bias Supply


The 521A series are a cost effective option that is available with variable output voltages up to +/- 800 VDC. The operating temperature range is -40° to +85°C and the internal circuitry is encapsulated to enable operation in harsh environments.


Hermetic HV APD Bias Supply


The 523/524 series are available in a compact hermetically sealed metal case with PCB mount pins that are ideal for use in highly reliable applications with limited space requirements. The 523 offers an adjustable output voltage up to +100 VDC and the 524 offers up to +500 VDC.

Hermetic HV Bias Supply








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AMI offers a family of APD Bias Supplies.

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