Model 762 Seed Laser Diode Driver GUI Graphical User Interface

AMI Model 762AMI’s Model 762 Seed Laser Diode Driver offers output currents up to 2.5 A for CW and Pulsed operation of 14-pin butterfly lasers with a Type I pin configuration.  Included with the Model 762 is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) program which allows the user to control via computer all of the adjustable settings of the device, including the on-board pulse generator.  There are five available configurations for triggering the pulse generator to allow for maximum flexibility for various operating scenarios.

AMI Model 762 GUIChoosing one of the five radio buttons selects the operating mode. When “Follow External Trigger” is selected, the unit operates in pass through mode and generates an output pulse identical to the input. If “Use External Trigger” is chosen, the 762 generates a pulse based on the pulse width and delay parameters stored in memory at the time of a valid input trigger.

When “Use Ext. Trigger as Gate” is set, the internal pulse generator operates using all three defined parameters when the input is driven high. Should the input be driven low, the internal pulse generator resets operation and waits for another gate.

When “Use Ext. Trigger as Sync” is selected, the internal pulse generator resets, or synchronizes, the internal clock to the rising edge of the input pulse. The pulse generator will continue to run indefinitely using all three parameters to generate the desired pulse width with the specified period.

The internal pulse generator may free run without the need for any input stimulus. Set the “Int. Pulse Generator” radio box and the 762 will operate autonomously using the user specified settings in the PW, Trigger Delay, and Trigger Period fields when the driver is in the enabled state.

Please contact AMI to discuss your application or if you have any questions.

Links to more Information:

Model 762 Data Sheet, Operating Manual and Interface Control Document.

AMI offers a family of pulsed and CW seed laser diode drivers.

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