DC Coupled Fiber Optic Link

Model 732TRAMI’s Model 732T/R offers a unique capability as truly DC coupled fiber optic link.

The Model 732T/R includes a matched transmitter and receiver pair providing the end user with a DC coupled fiber optic link. It can be modulated with a 0-5V or ±2.5V analog/digital signals from DC to 10MHz to form a versatile fiber optic link with transparent transmission.

More than 20 years ago a customer brought us an interesting problem.  They needed to move a small DC analog signal from one of our photodetector-amplifier modules around an electrical generator to a remote monitoring station. The EMI noise from the generator was overwhelming the output from the optical receiver.

The solution was to move the signal optically however the challenge was to preserve the DC coupled sinusoidal signal.

The Model 732T/R is purely an analog device; there is no analog to digital conversion. The input voltage signal is converted to a current and used to drive a LED. The output of the LED is detected by a PIN photodetector in the receiver converted to a voltage then amplified. The gain of the receiver amplifier is tuned to provide transparent transmission. The receiver gain and DC offset are adjustable by the end-user to calibrate the transmitter and receiver pair when installed.

■ Accepts Analog/Digital Inputs
■ Transparent Transmission of DC and AC Information
■ Adjustable Gain/Offset at Receiver

The noise is less than 1dB and the response time is ~35ns.  We sell the 732T/R as a matched set including a transmitter and a receiver.

Typical applications include short haul (≤1km) analog/digital data links and EMI isolation applications in which the use of conventional wire is undesirable

The Model 732T/R is often used in applications where the source and the transmitter must be isolated electronically from the receiver and the end user’s scope or other monitor.  Some examples are vacuum chambers, high altitude stations, sensors mounted on top of power poles, windmill turbines or chambers containing nuclear radiation.

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